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best and most relevant all round architect courses” help you use TOGAF and other architecture frameworks.”

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I really enjoyed your course and [have since] found the material you presented very useful.” Solutions Architect

“Really good and provided me with new views on EA and SA – one of the best trainings I attended.” Enterprise Architect

“Your exam preparation really useful (a key objective for me).” Consultant

 “It is amazing how my conversations have changed! On Monday I had three conversations that [made me] realise the positive effect the course has had… many things I now understand that I had only the smallest glimmer of before.” Infrastructure architect.

thank you for an interesting and stimulating course. It covered a lot of what I was expecting and more, and opened my eyes to architecture questions and concerns I need to be more familiar with.... Your anecdotes and examples helped make what is often a dry subject more interesting... [it] really helped me to grab the fundamentals of what it takes to be an Enterprise Architect.” Business intelligence architect

"[the training] explains what others (TOGAF, CMU…) leave obscure."

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“Great site and great work!”

“A great asset to understanding of architecture, methodologies and many other things.” Correspondent

“Very impressive… as informative as it is comprehensive.” “Lots of good stuff here – thanks” Senior Managing Consultant

“Comprehensive, clear and very well written, a significant contribution to the development of enterprise architecture.” Technical consultant

“There’s a lot of really useful stuff there.”

“It looks good. You've created some helpful resources. Keep up the great work.”

“I always point… to your website [for] interesting, robust discussion and knowledge about Enterprise Architecture.”

“Your website has some really helpful resources.”

“Very well done and very helpful. Thank you.”

“A feather in your cap… job well done. Informative and concise”

Things architects should know about

Including ideas that underpin architecture frameworks

What is an architecture framework?  

Architect roles – an introduction

EA challenges case study

10 things to know about EA and SA

Business Functions and Capabilities

TOGAF artefacts as ArchiMate diagrams

Ideas in TOGAF, ArchiMate, BCS, DoDAF & UML

Architecture frameworks & resources

"Avancier Methods are more sensible, realistic, and practical than anything else out there – so much more understandable and conceptually consistent!"

About human and computer activity systems – their nature and design.

A rich EABoK and SABoK

Avancier Methods EA & SA roles, processes & products

AM extra: enterprise architecture FAQS, roles, app portfolio, history, etc.

AM extra: software architecture modularity, agility, change, etc.

TOGAF and ArchiMate distilled now includes DoDAF distilled

System theory for architects along with systems thinking

Models & Rules entity & event model patterns

Human factors in management hierarchies

About Avancier

One of the few people I know who can articulate this area and subject in an understandable format.” Consultant

About the business and its founder

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